IE6(Or why to make a gecko browser in a webkit world)

I know, I know, Webkit is new, Webkit is in chrome, Webkit is fancy, Webkit can use everything native. So why make a gecko browser these days? Well, there are actually quite a few. First off, while Webkit is theoretically faster, Gecko FEELS faster(I think because it starts rendering earlier.) Second, add-ons: you can use xpis natively, just spoof your user-agent to say you’re using Firefox and quite a few should work. Second of all I’m pretty sure they’d be easier to develop, while I haven’t tried it yet(I want to though) your development is really in Javascript, which is much nicer than C/C++, and better(in my opinion) than Ruby and Python. Also IE6, why did we have IE6? Because of a monoculture, once they had no one to compete with nothing happened, for YEARS. So if Webkit gets to be in every browser, then who is it competing against? Exactly, no one. Is Opera going to compete? Good luck, they’ve had the same market share percentage since the 90’s, as far as I can tell. So our only real choice is the gecko family, which is BETTER TO BEGIN WITH. In case you’re wondering I’m using seamonkey, which I built from source today to be all nice and customized for me.

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