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So….I bring this up because I hate XFS. I really do. XFS, while fast for large files(though no faster than ext4) chokes on small ones, but this I can ignore. What really makes me hate it is that YOU CAN’T SHRINK PARTITIONS. Seriously, if you have ubuntu karmic + or ANYTHING ELSE with an xfs partition, pray that you never need to make more room, because you can’t do it.


Kongoni failed me

So the second install worked fine, but PIG(Ports Installation GUI) decided it wanted to update it’s package list, normally a good idea. However it failed on the first few repo searches, then finally settled on a new one, logged in, then….nothing. It had a standard wget bar, no url of what I’m downloading, speed of —.- KB/s. Since a repo is kind of needed for using a distro nowadays, I’m reinstalling metad on that hard drive


So…..installed kongoni today. It’s probably the prettiest distro I’ve ever seen, but it had some problems. On the first install it recognized /dev/hda3 as /dev/hda6, which led to predictable problems on boot. But another install fixed that up great(I would’ve fixed it from a terminal but kongoni doesnt like logging in as root.) The only problems now are color depth, the GRUB screen and kongoni logo while the kernel loads are horribly off color, which I guess is a depth thing. Right now I’m waiting for the ports to update, so maybe another post later today