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Lossy Handwriting Optimization

Yesterday I detailed handwriting optimization, and all of those techniques were lossless, that is, they didn’t compromise any theoretical readability. There are other letters that I can/have optimized, but they are lossy and can make your text less readable. The first is "t", where you just start with the cross, go to the side, then loop around and make the vertical part. "f"s are easy as well, and probably the most readable of all of these. The only difference with "f" is that you don’t draw the horizontal line, it should still be recognizable as an "f", but it saves a lot of time. The final one is "x", which is probably the hardest to read and has the least benefit of these 3(the only gain is in the amount of time it takes to pick up/put down the pen and the momentum that you carry through.) All you do is draw the \ portion, but then loop back around like \) and draw the other part, so it ends up looking a bit like X.)

That’s really all I know, but I’ll post more if I can figure any more out.

EDIT: changed "pots" to "post". Give me a break though, I literally typed this with my eyes closed 😛


Handwriting Optimization(How You’ve Been Told How To Print Incorrectly)

You’ve been taught how to print badly. Conspiracy to get people to use cursive more readily, stupidity, unwillingness to improve, but for whatever reason printing is taught horribly. It’s full of horrible time wasting things that will really add up.

For example, take the letter i: how you write an I is you stroke downwards on the line, then make a dot, but you should stroke UPWARD, that way you’re positioned to make the dot. Then we have the d letters, I’m a bit partial to d because it’s in my name, so the d letters are, as it sounds like, the ones that are d. b is d reversed, p is d rotate 180 degrees, etc. This is also pretty simple, but it has a slight handedness dependency. I write left handed so I will write b faster than d, because, well, just use your hand a bit, it’s easier to curve OUTWARD( to the right for lefties, vice versa for righties.)

The capital letters are a bit touchier. D, B, and P can be optimized with variations on their techniques that I’ve already said, just use p for the base and modify that. A can also be optimized: you simply don’t take your pen off of the paper and move it back up to cross that way. Look at the Alcatel-Lucent logo for reference here The amount of swipe on the backstroke(the ")" part) is up to you, mine varies between about as pronounced as there and near-invisible.

These are all of the ones that I know at the moment, comment if you find any more though.


Just testing out Blogilo, which doesn’t really fit into my Trinity desktop, but it seems pretty nice. In totally different news today I wrote a simple(yet turing complete, and even beyond that) virtual machine in less than 100 lines of perl, maybe I’ll put it up some time…