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Restoring sound in Debian Squeeze

So I switched to Debian Squeeze(Don’t worry, I fixed it to be fully libre.) a few days ago when parabola could no longer read my home partition, which is understandably very very bad.
I Had a few issues, mainly due to my stupidity but they’ve all been easy fixes(deleted my home partitions and stuff to start from scratch to give / more room, messed up fsck since it was looking based on uuid. A quick switch to /dev style fixed that one.
Today I hit a major problem, I completely lost sound, not always muted or something, but not even the mixers would pick it up. This is how I solved it:
First run lspci, you’re looking for Audio Device, or you can just run lspci | grep Audio and have it look for you. Then you match that up to the list of sound here:, once you find the one that makes sense for your card (I was hda-intel) you run modprobe [driver name] as root, with the snd- prefix. So mine was sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel.
After that you run alsa reload as root and it should turn on sound.
Assuming that works (I suggest wearing earbuds or turning your volume up while you do this, there’s kind of a clicking noise when your audio turns on that I can hear easily.) you need to put whatever sound module you used in /etc/modules, then your alsa reload in /etc/rc.conf


BLAG Review

So, I was bored and installed blag a few days ago, talked about it on my identica acount, mainly promising a review. Well I’ve finally gotten around to that after a few days. As a bit of background BLAG is the libre fedora, more or less, and I used the beta version, which is based on fedora 12 instead of the fedora 9 based stable. In nearly every respect BLAG is exactly like fedora, looks wise. I chalk that up to the release being beta so they didn’t have the chance to put in the normal uniquely blag look, seen here in a screenshot of BLAG90k(the last release):

Blag screenshot

(Picture from

Your decision on whether it’s good or bad, I kind of like it. The system felt pretty fast, better than ubuntu/trisquel but still slower than my parabola install. It had a ton of software to pick from but there were quite a few nonfree programs installable (alienarena has nonfree art, for example.) As usual yum was slow, though I was told by a friend that this tends to be the repositories, not yum itself.  I liked the standard software it gave me, firefox for your browser, pidgin for im, you had the standard stuff but then some new ones, mainly in the internet section. It came preset with a microblog and a blogging client, for example. Basically BLAG is a cool distro if you’re not into debian/ubuntu based distros, but still want something easy to use. You do have to watch out for nonfree, like I said, but that’s probably going to be cleared up by the stable release.


I was talking to my friend Leo and I sent him a youtube link and asked him how he was watching it. He said vlc so I decided to try it. While I was watching the video just through vlc he said he used watchvideo, which I wasnt. I told him and he can verify that this works:

open up vlc, choose network stream, put in the url of the video, enjoy. You can also just do vlc [url] from the terminal