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Tons of changes

So a lot’s changed since I last actually posted(that last one was a draft from august.) School’s started up, trisquel taranis has released, software freedom day has passed…. As far as I go, I completely redesigned the packaging system for rms, it’s now very close to arch’s aur. Speaking of which just yesterday I moved from my longstanding distro Trisquel to Parabola, a libre arch. The first few hours were kind of a nightmare for me, getting wifi up, waiting forever for kde to install, basically the kind of fun stuff I wanted. Now I’m pretty settled in, made some tweaks to boot speed and made colemak the default for everything except kdm(cant get it to work there.) Maybe I’ll post the line you need to make colemak default in the terminal iater and where to post it…



So today I’ve been watching these wonderful talks by a guy named Richard Buckland, who’s a lecturer down at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, AU. I’d just love to tell you guys to look him up, these are some of the most interesting things I’ve ever heard(it’s on youtube under an account called UNSWelearning) he’s under computer something. Seriously, this guy even makes machine code easy(which he teaches you, on a theoretical processor.)