Toolkits and languages

So….it’s been way too long, though I’ve been busy. The now famous ai-class, other schoolwork, social stuff. At least I update my identica, that’s enough, right? So anyway, sorry for the long wait. I just figured I’d say what I think are the best gui toolkits for various languages, and a short explaination for why.

C: XAW(preferably XAW3D, which looks slightly better)

This is going to seem REALLY weird to a lot of you, and I know why, gtk is C, after all. Well the problem is that gtk isn’t fun, at least not in C. It’s also faster to write, here, let me give you a quick hello world in Xaw3d, then in gtk.

*includes, so xaw, xt, and X11 stuff*

int main(int argc, char **argv)


    XtAppContext ctx;

    Widget toplevel, hello;

    toplevel = XtVaAppInitialize(&ctx, “HelloWorld”, NULL, 0, &argc, argv, NULL, NULL);

    hello = XtCreateManagedWidget(“Hello”, labelWidgetClass, toplevel, 0);


    return 0;


okay, so there’s XAW for you. I’m going to assume that you are capable of looking up the gtk hello world, it’s way too long to include here. It also has the ability to be used without pkg-config. That requires 3 -ls, X11, Xt, and Xaw3d.


I’ve wasted enough time here, so I’m just going to get on and say that I prefer gtk in every language except for C++ and javascript. Mainly I honestly just wanted to show off that xaw is pretty awesome, even though it’s ridiculously ugly.

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