So….I bring this up because I hate XFS. I really do. XFS, while fast for large files(though no faster than ext4) chokes on small ones, but this I can ignore. What really makes me hate it is that YOU CAN’T SHRINK PARTITIONS. Seriously, if you have ubuntu karmic + or ANYTHING ELSE with an xfs partition, pray that you never need to make more room, because you can’t do it.


Kongoni failed me

So the second install worked fine, but PIG(Ports Installation GUI) decided it wanted to update it’s package list, normally a good idea. However it failed on the first few repo searches, then finally settled on a new one, logged in, then….nothing. It had a standard wget bar, no url of what I’m downloading, speed of —.- KB/s. Since a repo is kind of needed for using a distro nowadays, I’m reinstalling metad on that hard drive


So…..installed kongoni today. It’s probably the prettiest distro I’ve ever seen, but it had some problems. On the first install it recognized /dev/hda3 as /dev/hda6, which led to predictable problems on boot. But another install fixed that up great(I would’ve fixed it from a terminal but kongoni doesnt like logging in as root.) The only problems now are color depth, the GRUB screen and kongoni logo while the kernel loads are horribly off color, which I guess is a depth thing. Right now I’m waiting for the ports to update, so maybe another post later today

Games for programmers

just a few recommendations, now I know you guys will probably rip me apart for not mentioning a game whose name escapes me, but it involves killing all the other ‘processes’ using differently programmed bots. I never got that to work so not on the list ^^. Basically I have 2 such games installed on my system at the moment, both are pretty good. There’s Laby, which is basically using commands to move an ant to a door in what I guess is similar to a main process. In that you can choose from 3 languages: Java C and OCaml, OCaml seems like a strange choice but I enjoyed it enough, I only have two complaints about this game, first is that the levels are too easy and second you can’t do, say, forward(3), you need to define your own function to do it(have fun with the for loops, you’re stuck using C89 :P)

Next one is DroidBattles, which has a lot more depth to it. First of all you need to build your bot from scratch. Now that I think about it this pretty much replaces that game I thought about before anyway. So you build your bot, then write it’s commands in bot assembly, which is pretty much x86 assembly with intel syntax but modified for this purpose.Of course you need to write these to fit in the amount of memory that you purchased for your bot. Yes you do need to purchase things for points, it won’t stop you if you use a bot over the cost limit but it’ll give you warning.

Sorry for taking a long time, I just haven’t had any ideas recently..


I’m pretty flexible when it comes to syntax, something I don’t like though is python’s. Specifically how their proponents say that you just use whitespace,which is totally wrong. Is the proper python if statement this?

if whatever



if whatever:


see what I did there? One has a colon, one doesn’t. Python has fewer things, but it certainly isn’t whitespace only. I have to admit that I like C-like syntax a lot, but it comes second to Ruby’s. It has a really simple syntax that’s a lot more readable AND as unambiguous as C. The lack of semicolons is also nice, since I *always* for get them…..well not always but you know what I mean. Either way I’m done for now.


I haven’t been around and the freenet blog is nonexistant…The reason is that I lost the url for it since I switched back to my laptop. The blog is switching from every day to whenever I have something to write about


So today I’m doing Java. I meant to do this yesterday but a lot was happening(blogs on mon/tues/wed will be slow/nonexistant too because I do school on those days.

So basically, like I was saying C# is pretty much Java with a patent trap attatched, both can run multiple languages(Java has more creativity though, you have Scala, Groovy….to the CLR’s Java clone, C++ clone, BASIC clone……)Both of them can be run from a browser(through Java(no idea right?) for languages using the JVM and Silver/Moonlight for CLR languages.) As much as GeekHeroComic has taught me, as a normally C/C++ programmer I’m ashamed that I don’t mind Java, I even like it. The verbosity can get on your nerves, and the forced OO even when you don’t need it feels a bit too….well forced, coming from the C philosophy of “Do whatever you want, you’re on your own when you mess up” But basically it’s a pretty nice language, I’m sure that Netbeans is great when it works too 😛 That’s pretty much it for today.