So I have my hands on GNOME 3.0.1, and I figured it was time for a review, well not quite a review yet, more like a preview. GNOME 3, as the name indicates, is the next generation gnome desktop, and its centerpiece is the gnome shell. The central idea of gnome has always been a simple, usable environment that works out of the box, and for me at least they hit the nail on the head. They got rid of the minimize and maximize buttons, but I’ve found that you don’t really need them, and they were right, minimize doesn’t fit into the paradigm(maximize is double clicking on the title bar.) Desktops aren’t a set number, but are added as you need them, and removed when you don’t. The overall look is really nice, very elegant, though I’d prefer a bit more color in the title bars, if I remember correctly they had the close button in red early in the cycle, which I really liked and kind of miss. On the top panel, which is the only one that’s always visible, you have the activities corner, an indicator for your current window(which looks REALLY nice, in my opinion), the clock, and then your panel widgets(for lack of a better term.) The widgets aren’t self addable, and they aren’t the ones you’re used to. They cover the things like sound, wifi, battery, and accessibility, then you have the personal menu, where you can change your status(seems to do nothing), change the system settings, play with your account, lock, log out, etc. On the bottom, in a hidden panel, you have the indicator, and some other things which are amazing, like the IM integration(more on this later.) As a quick side note, you probably want to install gnome-tweak-tool, for more things for theming, have a desktop or not, etc. That’s about it for now, hopefully I’ll have another post in a few days

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