So today I’m doing Java. I meant to do this yesterday but a lot was happening(blogs on mon/tues/wed will be slow/nonexistant too because I do school on those days.

So basically, like I was saying C# is pretty much Java with a patent trap attatched, both can run multiple languages(Java has more creativity though, you have Scala, Groovy….to the CLR’s Java clone, C++ clone, BASIC clone……)Both of them can be run from a browser(through Java(no idea right?) for languages using the JVM and Silver/Moonlight for CLR languages.) As much as GeekHeroComic has taught me, as a normally C/C++ programmer I’m ashamed that I don’t mind Java, I even like it. The verbosity can get on your nerves, and the forced OO even when you don’t need it feels a bit too….well forced, coming from the C philosophy of “Do whatever you want, you’re on your own when you mess up” But basically it’s a pretty nice language, I’m sure that Netbeans is great when it works too 😛 That’s pretty much it for today.

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