Compiled Languages

Today, since yesteday was interpred languages I think I’m going to do compiled ones. A compiledlanguage, is by definition compiled to assembly code, and eventually to machine code.This is compared to an interpeted langauge, which is either interpreted directly by an interpreter, or more commonly today compiled to bytecode and then run.Bytecode is significantly faster than pure interpretation, which is why they do it. The most popular compiled language at the moment is C, or assembly technically(all compiled languages I’m aware of compile to assembly and then assemble into machine code.) C++ is a newer cousin to C, most C89(the previous C standard) is valid C++, it also adds namespaces and object oriented programming to the mix. Slightly older than C++ is Objective-C. Obj-C(often used because of the length of Objective-C) Is really as it’s name says, C with object orientation, I’ve never used it but I know that it’s the standard language for anything on an Apple platform and the GNUSTEP environment. Most recently is D, my favorite compiled language. D somehow manages to have a full garbage collector(we talked about them in the last blog) into a compiled language. Aside from that in my tests it’s actually FASTER than C++, of course you can still manage everything manually if you wish. The main barrier to D currently is libraries, though a few essentials(GTK+, OpenGL,Qt, others.) are available in some form of stability. The best examples I can give of D at the moment are the games by Kenta Cho. Go check them out now…seriously, especially Tumiki Fighters(No link because I refuse to make my blog preferable to my one on freenet, if I added a link it would cause them to cease to be anonymous, which is bad.) That’s pretty much all I have for today though.

-This post made in EMACS 23 for no reason in particular, next one will be VIM 😛

Edit: Fixed Qt, I had thought that it was officially without capitalization, my friend freemind corrected me on this

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