Interpreted Languages

Strangely enough, I LOVE programming. I also happen to do a lot of that programming in interpreted languages. Some say that they’re slow but I definitely like them because they’re so easy to write in and protoype with. Aside from that most of my stuff doesn’t really *need* all that speed. I’ve got to say that my favorite interpreted language is Ruby. I don’t know what I like about it so much but it’s as easy for me as python is for most people, maybe easier. Of all the interpreted languages I’d love to know more of, it’d have to be (lisp), specifically Scheme(There’s also common lisp but I don’t like it nearly as much, (format t “Print”) to put ‘print’ on the screen? come on.) I mainly want to learn about it because it was basically the first real interpreted language(lisp that is.) It’s been around since the 50’s and garbage collectors(The part of the interpreter that manages the memory so that you don’t have to like in C) were INVENTED for this language. It’s also a functional language that has a lot of chances for metaprogramming, two ways of programming that interest me a lot.

Note: This is taken from my freesite….

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