Freenet( ) is a project to make a peer to peer net that’s fully encrypted. It’s a massively ambitious project and I’ve finally gotten the chance to actually test it(last time it picked konqueror 3.5 to use as the browser for it….need I say more?) So now I have freenet set up and running with abrowser, which is trisquel’s rebranding of firefox. I have to say that it’s really cool, browsing takes a while but I guess that will increase a bunch as my cache increases. When you’re setting up freenet it asks you for a cache size, this is important because it’s fully peer to peer, everyone needs to chip in space and bandwith for the project to work. I would put up a tutorial later but freenet is honestly so easy to set up that it doesn’t need any instructions, the defaults are just what you want pretty much all of the time. I WILL say that you may have to right click on the installer and select OpenJDK Runtime(you wouldn’t use the PROPRIETARY java, dear reader, would you?) because for some reason the default is file roller for .jar files.

  1. Its a really good idea i would like to implement that in the future (in the future of the internets)

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